A Very SLAB Christmas 2016

 December 2016

The SLAB celebrated the end of our first year with an exhibition and a long table feast. Fifty guests dined surrounded by the sounds of the Blue Labyrinth on a Summer’s Eve, works by artists from the Blue Mountains and Central West NSW  and a sound performance by Haines and Caines.
Curated by Miriam Williamson and Brad Allen-Waters.  Artists:  David Haines, Chris Caines, Fleur MacDonald, Emma Rooney & Mahalya Middlemist






Blue Mountains based artist Emma Rooney exhibited in the inner SLAB space.  Delicate works in a range of media including wax, cassurina needles, glass, snakeskin, photography and video taken from our local surrounds.  Emma’s home and The SLAB share an outlook onto the Blue Labyrinth in the Central Blue Mountains.



Untitled HD Video, Duration 10mins – Mahalya Middlemist

Kandos artist,Fleur MacDonald’s exquisite work hung from the SLAB cage and sparkled throughout the evening.  Each sequin was painstakingly hand glued.

‘Red, Green, Yellow and Purple are the colours of the lights predominately used by the Railway in Kandos. This work reflects the essence of those colours in a once bustling community before the Cement Works and the Railway closed for good.

‘YGRP’ Mixed media, 140cm x 250cm, 2015, 2016 – Fleur MacDonald

Sound performance by artists David Haines & Chris Caines. A 30 minute set of ambient electronica under the operating light followed by a DJ set for the fog disco.

Photo credits: Kalyani Saint and Billy Gruner.